Chargers News · HS Track -Tri-Meet@South Knox – Online Ticket Purchase and Attendance Guidelines

Please see the information below regarding the South Knox Middle-High School COVID-19 attendance guidelines and electronic ticketing information.

  1. Event: April 8 – COED HS Track vs. Pike Central, Rivet & Sullivan
  2. South Knox is currently allowing open attendance for the spring sports season.
  3. Fans are required to wear a mask/shield, and social distance with their family.
  4. Social distancing is required when in line at the ticket gate, restrooms, or at the concession stand.
  5. The ticket gates will open 45 minutes before the event start time.
  6. The bleachers marked with a taped X should not be used.
  7. All tickets will be sold online through the Ticket Spicket App.  Cash sales at the ticket gate will NOT be available. Tickets must be presented on the app.  Pictures of the ticket or emails will NOT be accepted.
  8. When not engaged in the event, athletes should not be in the fan areas.  Athletes should remain in the dugout or in their team area.
  9. Fans from both teams should adhere to their seating areas. Please do not go to the opposing team’s seating area.
  10. Sanitizing products for hands and equipment will be available at each team bench and at the entrance to each event.
  11. Opponents are required to bring their own warmup equipment, towels, water bottles, and any additional sanitizing products needed.
  12. Players not engaged in warmup or competition are required to have a mask/shield. This includes in the dugout, on the sideline, in the team area, or in any other area.
  13. Coaches, managers, trainers, and any other team bench personnel are required to always wear a mask/shield. Keep the mask on when talking, cheering, or yelling instructions.
  14. No pre-game or post-game handshakes/ high-fives/ fist bumps. This includes players shaking the hand of the opposing team’s coach or officials during team introductions.
  15. No spitting and sunflower seeds are NOT allowed.
  16. The link to purchase tickets is (NO CODE IS REQUIRED TO PURCHASE. TICKETS):